Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Royal Photographic Society- 154th Print Exhibition, 2011

Maurice Surtees waiting for his birds.

The Royal Photographic Society have selected my portrait of Maurice Surtees, as part of their 154th International Print Exhibition touring the UK.

Maurice, a North East pigeon fancier had built his pigeon cree together with his late father in the1950’s. Recently a land developer had tried to purchase the land, demolish the pocket of historic crees, evict the pensioners, destroying their beloved racing pigeons, only to add more buildings in an already built up area of Sunderland.

Maurice, stood bravely in the face of eviction, successfully having his cree Grade 2 Listed, so for now the developers have been kept at bay, the pigeons are still racing, and Maurice has become somewhat of a local hero for his bravery! 

His is the only listed racing pigeon loft in the world, and is proudly painted red, blue and white.  

Hopefully my portrait of Maurice in his cree and waiting for his pigeons to return, will add some impact and clout to his cause to save the crees, and keep a North East tradition alive and fluttering.

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