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Yarm Fair 2014

Highlights of Yarm Fair October 2014     
© Linda Taylor

"You make friends for life at the fair."


Roy Morrison together with his son Brandon, Clyde and Jackie B.

"Came here as a kid of twenty years old and Iv'e watched my kids grow up here."
Roy Morrison
Two beautiful young girls.
Jade Morrison wearing black.
Running the horses down the High Street

David Stokes from Hartlepool

"A long time ago I remember a gypsy wedding in the High Street.There was a handsome young man with black curly hair in his blue suit with black velvet pockets and showing off his beautiful young bride. The boy was a Patterson and the bride was a Boswell.
They left the High Street in a fancy gold gilded cart "

Three pretty girls

Nancy Tyers

Nancy, wife of Blondie was born in her Lamberts Living Waggon at Spennymoor.

Roy Morrison with his grandson Martin.

Martin's first time at Yarm Fair!

Chantelle Ward (nee Morrison)

Together with her son Martin Thomas Ward.

Coxhoe Bill and Kizzy Mae

Kizzy Mae was Christened during one Yarm fair.
"The Christening stopped the traffic, and the reception was in The Cleveland pub at the bottom end of the High Street. Walter Tindel was singing Irish songs ."
David Stokes

'The christening robe was made up in the caravan and the sewing machine used the power from the B&B ! "

Bow Tops along the High Street

Brandon Morrison

David Stokes

Running his horse and showing how it's done!

Three lovely ladies!

Kathleen Stokes, Tina Lee and Lillian.

Sunday and the last day of the fair.
Getting ready to pull out of the High Street

Macie babysitting!
Yarm Fair in the early 1900's ©
Reproduced with kind permission of Stockton Picture Library

"I remember Bow Tops from here to the Town Hall,
and you couldn't get a fag paper between."

Yarm Fair 2014

In memory of 'Old Walter'
Walter Tindel
Yarm Fair 2011

Walter came to Yarm Fair every year and he will be sadly missed.

Yarm Fair 2011
Walter and friends
Yarm Fair 2011

Walter and Blackie Lee
Yarm Fair 2011

...May the wind that takes you on your journey
 be a gentle one

© Linda Taylor 

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

It's a Dog's Life...Woof...Woof...

Sally in the Sunshine, 2011
Little Phillip at Yarm Fair 2010
Pulling out of Yarm Fair 2010

Travelling in my own Denton Ledge Waggon, 2011

My Lovely Lass,Yarm Fair 2010

Going along in style,Eddie's Drive, 2011

Top Lurcher, Torver Lakeland Fair, 2011

 Champion Lurcher,Torver Lakeland Fair, 2011

Buzz Off!, Saltburn, 2012

Licky tongues ! Saltburn, 2012

Yeay... snack time ! ...Saltburn, 2012

Little Hairy Legs! 2012

Cuthbert's Big Stick, 2010

Princess Megan with Sparkling Eyes, 2010

Tuesday, 22 January 2013